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Toroid Winding Service

Toroidal coils and transformers are a "necessary evil" in QRP kits.  They aren't difficult if you follow the detailed instructions in your OHR manual, but it does take time and patience.  If the thought of winding toroids is keeping you from building an OHR kit, help is at hand!  Mychael, AA3WF, can supply you with a complete set of coils for any OHR kit-- ready to install just like any other component.

The coils are individually prepared to OHR specifications, stripped and tinned, tested, and fully guaranteed.  All of the coils and transformers for a kit are supplied in individual sleeves labelled with the relevant OHR part number for easy and foolproof identification.

It is not necessary to send in your cores, but a discount is available for those who wish to do so. Place your order now and have the toroids ready to drop in when you build your kit!

Click here for a printable order form in PDF format.
Or here for an ASCII text version.

If you are unable to view or print the order form, click here to send e-mail to Mychael or call him on (412) 481-2349.

We use and recommend Kester "245" No-Clean Solder.
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