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RFL-100 100W RF Load Kit $39.95

The Oak Hills Research RFL-100 was designed specifically for the QRP operator and builder, who needs an accurate and stable 50 Ohm load.  Most single-resistor commercial loads are low by four or five ohms, and that can be important when every milliwatt counts.  Tolerance errors in the RFL-100's 20 resistors tend to balance each other out, and the completed kit will come up within a couple decimal points of 50 Ohms. The assembled RFL-100 measures 4-1/4" wide by 6" front to back by 2" high, and weighs 12 Oz.
  If you would prefer a BNC connector, you'll find a conversion kit on our Parts Page.

The Oak Hills Research RFL-100 kit contains all necessary parts for assembly and installation, including a ventilated cabinet, schematic diagram, and complete parts list.

Want OHR to build it for you? Click here for details.

OHR RFL-100 RF Dummy Load Kit, $39.95
Build, Align, Test OHR RFL-100, $25.00

Recomended accessories--
S0239 to BNC Conversion Kit
Push on PL259 Connectors
Tools and Solder

See also the OHR/CQC 10-W RF Dummy Load Kit

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